Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The New PayPal? PayBox will Pay YOU $50 to Find Out

Click to Join Free and Receive $50

For those of us who were online when PayPal first hit the scene, we remember the incentives that they offered to get folks to join their service. PayPal paid a referral fee for every person a member referred who joined their new 'revolutionary' service. While it certainly helped expand PayPal's reach in an effective and viral way, it also was a very lucrative referral system for those who referred their friends; a win-win scenario.

There is a new service now on the scene called PayBox. PayBox is in their pre-launch phase with the launch anticipated to be in 2011. As with any financial service, they need to have a solid customer base before they officially get off the ground.

As an incentive for new members, PayBox.me is offering 
$50 Free just for signing up.

In addition, by logging in frequently to help them expand the service during the pre-launch phase, they'll pay you up to $20 per day.

Furthermore, earlybird users who refer their friends receive
$5 for every new member they refer.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, so what's the catch?

Best I can tell thus far, the only catch is that you have to actually log into your account on a weekly basis to keep in active during the pre-launch phase. When you sign up, they don't ask for any proprietary information (no social security number, no year of birth, no first born). All you do is create a username and password and then subscribe to their blog. Simple.

My wife and I signed up and thus far everything is going as they've described. With any luck, PayBox.me will have a successful launch and we'll have an alternative to PayPal... which could mean that PayPal will finally have some competition and will have to reduce some of their fees.

Click Here to Visit the PayBox website or to Join Free and Receive $50:


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